Jayne’s monumental 35 half marathons POSTED SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Jayne’s monumental 35 half marathons



What happens when you combine one talented metalwork designer, 18 month’s in trainers and 35 marathons – you get Wentworth Pewter’s Jayne Abdy.

When we last gave you an update on Jayne’s running achievements in June, we were already out of breath at the thought of how many she’d completed. Jayne is just five half marathons away from her goal of 40 before she turns 40 on 5 January 2018. All this is in aid of a truly special cause The Cavendish Centre. It’s not everyday that you meet a metalwork designer come marathon runner, so we thought you might like to know a bit more about her adventures in running and it would be awesome if you fancied supporting her too.

1) How many marathons have you done so far? 

Currently I’ve run 35 half marathons this includes:

– 19 official credited half marathons

– 6 unofficial ones on my own or with a friend recorded on my watch or phone.

– 3 full marathons which I’m counting as 2 halves so 6

– 1 on a treadmill which I have a official time for and a medal!

– 2 round Sheffield runs which are the half marathon distance but classed as a multi-stage run!


2) Which have been your favourites and why?

This is a tough question! Ones that stand out are Berlin and Stockholm because they were foreign cities, Connemara and Shropshire because they were stunning scenery. Sheffield because it’s home and I got my personal best.


3) Why are you doing this?

I’m raising money for the Cavendish Centre in Sheffield. They provide cancer care alternative therapies, counselling and support to cancer patients and families. They really helped my Dad when he had cancer so it is a charity that means a lot to my family.


4) Have you met any interesting people along the way?

I’ve met loads. A world record holder who was running a marathon every week in a different country and several who were attempting to run 100 marathons. Some first time runners too and a lovely old man in the Wirral who used to run full marathons and travelled all over Europe doing them.


5) Which events have you got left?

I’ve quite a few left to run including Aberdeen, Glasgow, Worksop Chesterfield, Tatton Hall and Clowne. I might still do a few more yet if I can. If all goes to plan I will have done my 40th at the end of October.


6) So what’s next when they’re all done and dusted?

I never thought I’d be able to reach 40 but as it’s got closer I’m starting to worry about what I can do afterwards! I’m always pushing myself to do different things. I’d love to do an ultra marathon and also some more outdoor swimming but basically if someone came up to me and said would you give a new challenge a go I’d probably say yes!


You can support Jayne and the Cavendish Centre by visiting her JustGiving page.

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